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    Did anyone try underwater combat with thief? I found the skills to be insanely strong, it easily let me kill two lvl8 enemies while I was lvl6, just spamming skills 3 and 5 (that's the location on the skillbar, not my keybinds, I don't remember the skill names)

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    I did briefly try underwater combat with my thief. Both with a harpoon and a spear gun. I liked both.

    The harpoon skill 3 was (if I remember correctly) nine tail strike. Block any incoming attacks, and if you are attacked retaliate with a flurry of your own attacks. If you're not attacked, gain initiative. The spear gun was... I forget the name... poisoned Run Away! Shoot at your foe, dodging backward at the same time and leaving a poison trail.

    No idea what skill 5 was. But I do remember that skill 2 on the spear gun was shout four times. I was killing a lot of stuff with that -- shoot four times, and if they get close, poison and run away.

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    yeah i did a lot of underwater combat in WvWvW and pve zones. it was fun the harpoon gun was mad fun, didnt try the spear but at release i will!

    BUT on another note, i found the thief to be VERY good this beta. i feel they did a good job with certain things even though the attacks that root us still annoy me lol. i was using the set bonus that makes it so at 10% hp you cloak which was real chill
    here was the spec i was running

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    I didn't try WvW last beta, did they give you a full set of trait points for WvW?

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