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Thread: Malware?

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    cant get to this site at all now thru firefox....chrome gives me a warning, but allows me to get here. yesterday was able to get here by firefox but the site was all messed up (no backgrounds etc), but now--nadda.
    hope they get this fixed soon!

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    You can bypass the warning though. I did. I just clicked on something something that let me ignore the warning.
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    It *looks* like it is gone now.

    [EDIT] Update from the Diablo3 forums:

    Quote Originally Posted by Rushster
    The file in question was not on this site but on an old incgamers.com site which is now offline. These messages are frustrating because ANYTHING on the same domain gets flagged, it's a bit of a silly system really as it doesn't pin down the issue and blocks users from hitting a legit site. Pain in the backside :(
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    yeah looks like its up again (and yesterday I could not ignore--it would take me to another page about malware and NOT here...).

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