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    Xen of Onslaught [XoO]

    Xen of Onslaught

    Xen of Onslaught (XoO) is a multi-game guild that was founded in 2002 whose focus is primarily low-to-high end PVP. We had a significant presence in the original Guild Wars, being named guild of the week in October of 2005 and participating at the world championships playoffs in 2006, being one of eight US guilds to participate.

    Primary Time Zones: North American, with significant numbers in Europe and some people in Oceanic regions.
    GW2 Leadership: Icy (CO), Reth (PvP Organizer), Secksy (That's Me)

    What you can expect from XoO in Guild Wars 2:

    Our main focus is planned to be World vs. World (WvW) with smaller focus on structured PvP. We will have PvE support, but it will be minimal. We intend to have competetive PvP team experiences available for all of our members from moderate skill level all the way to extreme gamer type elitists. We are an adult gaming guild with a matching atomosphere. XoO also has its own personal TS3 server which is used for every game we support (and some we don't!) During BWE2 we played on the Jaya Bluffs server. I cannot say for certain if this will remain true for future betas, but for now expect us to be there.

    In XoO you can expect to find people who are going to help you push your characters to their limits, be it to get the best equipment (for WvW, naturally), to dungeon runs, to organized rolls. We are here and we want to help, but at the same time we expect all other members to help push things along too. Teamwork is the key!

    Requirements to join:
    • 18 years or older
    • Teamspeak 3 with working mic
    • Familiarity with online gaming
    • At least a basic understanding of competitive PvP and experience
    • Willingness to be flexible in a team setting (specific classes, specific roles like support, damage, ect.)
    • Able to carry out tasks efficiently in a competitive setting (if someone needs to die, kill them! If a point needs to be taken, take it!)
    • The ability to receive and follow orders.
    • Be mature and friendly, but also be able to take a joke. This is a group of gamers, after all.

    To Apply:
    • Become familiar with the Code of Conduct (CoC).
    • Fill out an application, being as detailed as possible. Applications with no effort put in to them will not be accepted.
    • A TS3 voice interview will be required to join.

    The Xen of Onslaught application can be found here.
    (The GW2 application is under 'upcoming divisions'.)

    We hope to see you all in game!
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    With the BWE3 fast approaching XoO is still looking for quality PvP players to join our ranks. Anyone looking for an established, mature, stable guild that is PvP focused and has room for the semi-casuals (15+hrs/wk) to the hardcore (40+) should check us out. We have a number of goals for the BWE, and would love to get some applicants a little experience running with us before launch.

    PM me for more details, or check out xoohq.com, where you may also apply.

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    XoO is still looking to pick up quality PvP oriented players. At this time we are also prepared to acquire and integrate select smaller guilds that are no longer planning to go it alone. If your guild is PvP focused and you have active players, but no longer have the desire to go it alone, then check us out at xoohq.com. Xen has a history of successfully integrating smaller groups into our community, so if you want to maintain a connection with your old friends and make some new ones at the same time to stomp around in PvP with, then we might be the right place for you. PM for more info, or feel free to post at the XoO forums (www.xoohq.com/forums) and get it straight from the community.

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    Here comes launch, are you ready?

    If you are looking for organized competetive PvP and still haven't found a guild to run with, then you should check out what XoO has to offer.

    Things to consider:
    -TS3 server
    -Alliance with multiple Guilds of the Week and GW World Championship Tournament Competetitors
    -PvP focused with multiple 5's teams and structured WvW activity (not a zergfest)
    -Mature, funny members that know how to take a joke, but more importantly know how to win
    -Stable community. No Drama.
    -Great website and forums at xoohq.com

    GL HF

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    In response to the unbearable que times on the top WvW servers, and the follow the zerg mentality that it created XoO has moved to a new home.

    If you want to play an organized WvW match and not wait 4 hours in que just to load onto the map, then come check us out on Ehmry Bay!

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    Xen has moved to the Isle of Janthir. It was terriffic to spend some time on Ehmry Bay, but the off peak activity was far too low in WvW. This figures to be the last server move that we make barring a major change to the WvW landscape.

    At present our recruitment is focused on gathering more sPvP players. If you are highly active and looking for a guild that can develop and train up Tournament teams for the the paid tourneys coming up, then give us a look at xoohq.com

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