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    I don't have a problem using a regular mouse on normal mmos, but in GW2 you have to watch the mob your fighting to be able to dodge certain attacks. It's hard to watch an enemy when your looking where to click your mouse.

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    time to move away from clicking! :P i used to click in WoW during vanilla and bc and i did alright but once i started using keybinds it opened up a whole new world for me. even just a few keybinds can make all the difference in an intense fight.

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    I used alot of curse add-ons when I played WoW but never any keybinds. I am for sure going to have to get used to them for GW2. Can't wait for the next beta so I can test some keybinds out.

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    Watching the preview and press beta videos is the reason I broke down and got a gaming mouse. In GW1, WOW and SWTOR I play as a "clicker". In fact in GW1 sometimes my camera's not even facing the enemies during fights, I'm just monitoring cooldowns and health bars. So when I saw in the videos for GW2 that you had to look up and closely watch the enemy you're fighting, I knew my days as a "clicker" were over. I did a quick keyboard layout sketch and realized a gaming mouse with just a few extra buttons would get me the skill keybinding set up needed to rely completely on keybinds for playing GW2. I've used this set up in the beta and stress test with great personal success. I've also switched over everything in GW1 to match as much as possible and I'm no longer a skill clicker for that game either. It took just a little getting used to, but I'm already seeing the benefits of switching over with just the little amount of time we had with GW2. Like others, I don't know how I've played all these years without a gaming mouse, and I got one that only has a few additional buttons, but it makes such a huge difference.

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    I might have been sold on getting a razor naga. I can't reach the F keys and I'm bigger than 99% of the world. I already filled up the keys near my left hand.

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