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    Ruin Gaming, Recruiting players like you.

    Ruin Gaming


    Guild Leader: Archaos

    Directors: Mepti, Lazeris, Drpea, Nephandus, Hazda, Ayin, Rhuger, Mossberg, Maximumpanda, Thriius, Kirstianna

    Guild Focus: Server Domination, PVP Focus. Progressive raiding.

    Guild Divisions: World of Warcraft, Alliance, Kil'Jaeden Server. SWtOR The Crucible Pits (Republic) The Fatman (Empire).

    Recruiting: Yes, Experienced, 18+, Active, Progressive

    Classes/Races: All.

    VoIP: 400 slot ventrilo sponsored by http://www.typefrag.com, if your online, you're on vent.

    Members: Three Thousand.

    Region: US Based (including Asia, EU & AUS/NZ)

    Guild Website: www.Ruinnation.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruinnation
    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RuinGamingInc?feature=mhum
    Gaming News: http://www.slashfacepalm.com/
    Livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/RuinTV


    Ruin Gaming was founded during the Warhammer Online beta by members of the Age of Conan and World of Warcraft guild Order of the Ancients. Our member base includes members with world first boss kills in Warhammer Online and the leaders in their respective pvp brackets in World of Warcraft.


    To seek out dominant guilds and destroy them. To find the most challenging opposition and achieve total, un-contested victory through whatever means necessary. Ruin will humble the arrogant, put the claims of elite organizations to the test. Ruin will seek out natural leaders and provide them with the means to challenge the established order in any game we play. Action, not words, will establish your worth.

    Ruin will raise an army of dedicated, disciplined players who share our passion for competitive play. Ruin exists to provide an arena in which all members can improve themselves and our organization. Ruin members will obtain the rewards that each game offers in a way that honors the extent of their contribution to their fellow guild members.

    We will achieve these results without needless elitism. Ruin will always welcome the new player, and train them to take on the best. This is our greatest strength. All members of Ruin have a responsibility to themselves and their fellow members to improve their game-play and to pass on what they have learned.


    Ruin is a progression guild, with a primary focus on PvP and a significant interest in raiding. We are a large, multi-gaming community currently active in World of Warcraft and Star Wars the Old Republic, we are also actively beta testing Guild Wars 2 and plan to establish a branch there at launch. We are comprised of dedicated gamers from all over the world possessing extensive gaming experience. We are seeking ambitious gamers to lead in each game we play. Ruin works tirelessly to ensure we are as well organized as is possible to achieve our objectives in each game we play.


    Ruin is founded on the principle of responsible, merit-based leadership and personal responsibility. All members from the leadership to the initiates are expected to attend the events that they have committed to and to fulfill the duties they have accepted as Officers.


    All players are expected to demonstrate competency in all aspects of their play. PvP and PvE ability are expected. Guild resources are provided in order to ensure that access to critical information is readily available.

    Personal initiative is expected, research anything and everything you can about your class. Take advantage of our expansive guild member base to learn from those demonstrating understanding of current game-play mechanics.


    Our community accommodates both hardcore and more casual players. All members are required to participate in guild events and activities, and above all else, support our PvP campaigns.

    Ruin Gaming has always been a community above all else. Social networking, making friends and enjoying yourself remains an important aspect of Ruin.


    The members of Ruin have spent countless hours building a powerful guild. Apply only if you intend to become a contributing member of our organization.

    Ruin members are:
    - Mature adults. (Age 18+)
    - Dedicated gamers.
    - Have a sense of humor.
    - Highly Active.

    If you are interested in applying for Ruin Gaming please visit our website @ www.Ruinnation.com. Check out our Guild Charter for more information about us.
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