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    Euphoria [EUPH] EU/International Guild

    Who We Are: an international PvP guild with focus on WvW
    Where we Will Be: NA server TBA
    Who We Want: People who are committed to excellence in organized WvW

    Euphoria is now recruiting to prepare for launch and participate in beta weekend events. We have players in North America/Canada as well as many countries in the UK. One advantage to an international guild such as ours is that you will have people online to group with virtually around the clock, and we will have events planned for both EU and NA times zones. We currently have 60+ members, with more expected to join this week as a result of our merger with GW1 guild Over Raided. We will be forming groups for PvE and sPvP, but most of our members are looking forward to spending a lot of time in WvW.

    We are please to announce the launch of the Titan Alliance, which we are extremely proud to be a part of. Check out the video here:

    This alliance, made up of highly respected guilds, will give us the opportunity to really shine in WvW and participate in great success, so we encourage anyone interested in competitive WvW to join us!

    We currently have an active online community, Mumble server, Facebook/Twitter/YouTube, and lots of fun people. Please visit our site www.euphoriaguild.eu to apply today!
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    The big news is...Titan Alliance is officially launched! Check out the video and and come join us! We are still recruiting highly motivated WvW players for our ranks. All times zones are welcomed but we are particularly interested in building a stronger EU player base within the guild, so put in your application today! www.euphoriaguild.eu

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