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    What makes a good Tyrian name?

    An article on the naming conventions used in the Guild Wars universe by Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda looks into what makes a good name in Guild Wars 2 and explains the life cycle of the creation of the name. Head over here to read the full story.

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    Actually, naming the Charr is an easier ones:
    Latin/Roman sounding part + "descriptive trait", like Aegon Nornbruiser (who could be a Charr commander at the borders of Norn territory)

    Norn would be Scandinavian names + physical/honorable traits, like Ole Wolfherder (who could be a Ranger, training packs of wild wolfs for hunting down Icebrood creatues)

    Humans are pretty easy as we are used to them and "our" family names often come from the jobs of our forefathers, like Francine Potter (who could sell nice karma tokens for the cooking profession)

    Asura and Sylvari are more difficult. Asura names usually have few vowels and some clicking sounds and "gutturals" like Thraxx, Narf, K'Nag
    With Sylvari they went for Gaelic names, like Caithe and Faolain, who are from the novels.
    Both races feature one-name characters, which will be not as easy to remember and some descriptive Charr or Norn name I guess.
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    Nice article - I like to try to keep naming of my characters consistent with their racial background. For GW we only had humans for our characters so I looked up various ancient languages such as Sanskrit as well as certain African tribal languages for name ideas. But for GW2, we have races so I want to try to have my characters' names to make sense in terms of their racial context.

    Is there some more information on how Anet staff name their NPCs somewhere else like on the wiki perhaps?

    As for Gorani's post, most of it makes sense to me. However since my human character will be a descendant of my GW main character, I wanted to have his or her name similiar to Ascalonian naming conventions. Based on my research, it appears that Ascalonian NPC names have Scottish and Celtic influences.

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