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    Guild Wars 2 community: We're seeing a lot of posts about gw2beta . org today. We are not affiliated with this site, we did not provide Beta Weekend Event codes to them, and many of our community members have reported that the site contains malicious code. Please avoid this site.

    If you want to participate in Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Events, you can pre-purchase via https://buy.guildwars2.com/ or https://buy.guildwars2.com/retailers and guarantee access to all Beta Weekend Events. ~RB2


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    Exclamation Winners in GWOnline’s BWE2 Key Giveaway

    Yesterday at the stroke of midnight (PDT) we closed our very own Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend 2 key giveaway, and quickly drew the winners using a true random sequence generator. We wish to again thank ArenaNet for this opportunity to put a smile on the faces of 20 community members. Our only wish would [...]

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