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    Ok is it only me whos miffed that next weeks Beat clashes with the release of Prometheus????Ive been asking them to put off Prometheus release until Monday after .......

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    It's just you, apparently.

    Interesting typo btw, I was almost going to ask how you would know which beat was the next week's beat.

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    Prometheus is already released in the UK.

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    You know the movie runs for more than one weekend?

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    oh, it's a movie, i thought it was some kind of feature in GW2......which makes me wonder, why is this thread in the GW2 discussions forum.....
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    Yeah, especially given that we already talked about it in the movie thread.

    Some people are like "Two drugs at the same time? I CAN'T CHOOSE! THE WORLD HATES ME!"

    Sheesh, grow up.
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