The Hawke Company is recruiting!
In early March 2012, a small community of friends from all across Europe decided to unite once more under a new banner - and under a new game. Not all of them used to play the first Guild Wars, but they all shared one trait: Rampant excitement about the upcoming sequel! Old bounds were reforged, new ones created and they all worked together to create something from scratch - the Hawke Company was born, stronger than ever! Now we are looking for people to join our community!

What we are
We are a humble community of people who enjoy socialising and playing games together, this is as simple as it gets!

What we will be
Our company is looking to become a well-established member of the Guild Wars 2-community, as well as a successful competetor in both PvE and PvP.

What we stand for
In Hawke Company, we believe in the individuality of our members. While we are looking for new souls to join our ranks we do not wish to become the largest guild on our server, which is why we employ a certain standard when deciding on new members (see "Join Requirements"). We stand for a mature and friendly environment where our members come first.

What we offer
We offer an experienced "full-time admins" staff in command, who will provide all the ressources needed to be a successful community - our own Website with forums and our very own Teamspeak3-server with 32 slots! Our guild features a complete Constitution, which was specifically written to allow a clear insight on how our guild is run. We bring you a chance to join a fun and unique international selection of members, who would love to welcome you in their midst! We want you to feel like being a part of something instead of merely tagging along!

What we are looking for
We are looking for loyal and active members for our growing guild, who would like to accompany us through the period of waiting for Guild Wars 2 to actually be released. We are looking for more people to socialise and have fun with, to fill our brand-new forums with life and, ultimately, to roam the lands of Guild Wars 2 with!

Join criteria
  • You must be at least 16 years old
  • You must register on our page and submit an application
  • You must use Teamspeak (Microphone not mandatory)
  • You must adhere to our rules (1 of our constitution)

Join us!
Does any of this sound like something you are looking for? Is the aforementioned criteria not a problem for you? If so, head straight over to our website at, register with your Email-adress and fill out our simple application form ("Join Us!")! We hope to hear from you soon! How you can reach us Questions? Suggestions? Need to talk? You can reach us by either submitting a ticket through our website's contact form ("Contact Us!") or by talking to us on our Teamspeak3 Server with the following IP: We in Hawke Company are looking forward to welcome new additions to our guild! Kind regards,

Griff, Lieutenant of the Hawke Company