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    I am looking foward to trying out the Human Guardian in GW2. I hope I get lucky and get a key to test it out. In the meantime GW1 will have to do for now.

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    I'd really appreciate a beta key. I can't seem to snag one from anywhere.

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    Oh man I want the key, I need to give it to my friend so she can try it out with me :D

    I've also tried all the classes, in PvP too, messing with skills and traits and everything. Except the Necromancer, I plan on doing that this BWE.

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    I want the beta key. Need one for me.

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    Thanks for the contest!

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    Sign me up for the contest as well.

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    Sorrows Furnace

    Black and White

    How much the small Norn has grown
    He wanted to make sure it was shown
    A big rock he could pick
    He threw like a stick
    An Asura was squished by what was thrown

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    Hoping for a beta key!

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    I hope to get a beta key. Good luck everyone! :D

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    Ahh!! All of my friends got a key (Through contests and giveaways), but I was unfortunately one the unlucky ones. I really hope to play Beta weekend with em'. !! xD Good luck everyone.

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