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    Guild Wars: Age of Deceit

    Credits and Thanks go to AMolino for the updated Lyssa Mural concept art! You're fantastic!
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    More than 300 years have passed since the human race first appeared on the shores of Cantha. After centuries of rivalry and infighting, the warring tribes and factions were unified under the banner of Lord Emperor Kaineng Tah, bringing a golden age of peace and prosperity to humanity.

    In the 46th year of the Canthan calendar, the reign of a noble sovereign ends mysteriously. The still young Empire and its people are desperately looking for a worthy heir to continue their founder's vision, while the nomad tribes of the Jade Sea are considering secession.

    A forgotten evil rises and begins its journey through the sea to wreak havoc upon an unsuspecting world. The Emperor and a general quarrel, brothers and sisters dissent, sons are led astray... discord spreads, doubt thrives: the Age of Deceit has dawned upon Cantha.
    Age of Deceit is a sort of prequel to my fellow collaborator's, Konig Des Todes' Fall of Gods - since we have decided to merge our fanons into one - and in a similar fashion, a historical background for some of my Guild Wars 1 (and soon Guild Wars 2) characters as well.

    Now, I present you a story that will take you back to the (alternate) Cantha of old. Enjoy!



    Chapter 1 - A Tragic Hunt

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