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    MVOP Voice Chat for the GW2 beta weekend

    Hello, all.

    A few of us have been checking out a new voice chat this week. The client is still in beta, but it is being offered for free and seems pretty solid so far.

    We will be using this voice chat during the GW2 beta weekend starting this Friday, so if you would like to join in, please sign up and download the client here: http://www.downloadc3.com/

    Once in, you can search for the channel MVOP. Right now, there are only three sub-channels that we used for events this week, but a few more will be created before Friday in case people want to use them for their groups in the beta. To get in the main MVOP channel, the password is Commando. That channel will be general guild chat, so please don't use it for your adventurin' group. Use the sub-channels for that.

    There will be no passwords on the sub-channels, so if someone is already using a sub-channel for a group, please don't crash their party and start singing 'Friday' or something. If all the sub-channels are in use you can easily create a new channel of your own or, if you prefer to stay under MVOP, I can create a new sub-channel for you when I'm around.

    No one is obligated to use C3, of course. We are just looking for voice chat options we can all use and, for now, free is great for our budget. :)

    See you (and maybe hear you) in the beta!
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    Hey All! I will be on hopefully at the start of the beta event and if we need some more rooms/channels on c3 I can make some. So far the program works well and considering its free thats a good thing. hope to see you all in game and chatting .. I want to do story and explorable mode also......if i can get to 35.

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