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    Old Friends. New Enemies.

    It's been quite some time since I've written anything, but I'm happy that I finally started up again. The last bits I wrote aren't particularly good, but you can find them if you wish. Know that the story thus far is set during the War in Kryta. Lemme know what you think. A simple "you suck" means more to me than no comment at all!
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    A simple "you suck" means more to me than no comment at all!
    What do 4 individual spambots say to you?

    As for your story, very nice. It's a little too 'speaky' for my tastes but your other elements work well. Your language is rich and engaging and it paces in stages quite well.

    Perhaps once people are not so busy with GW2 you'll get more responses. Blame the four (Probably now deleted) spambots for me finding your work.


    PS: You spelt asura wrong in the middle of it.

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