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    Fan Art on Twitter

    Even though it hasnít been released Guild Wars 2 has many fans looking forward to the game that they have been making fan art for years. Hundreds of pieces of art featuring the five races and the eight professions that will be available in Guild Wars 2 and the world of Tyria are already floating around the internet.

    @GW2FanArt is a Twitter account with the goal of sharing most of that art with fans of the game all over the world. To better serve our followers we recently increased to eight posts per day and are showing off some of the best art we have found. Below are a few examples of the pieces you will see if you follow us.

    (While we find plenty of art created by the talented people on deviantArt we are always looking for more. If you have some fan art that you would like the world to see let us know on Twitter or here.)

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