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    I'll probably play Guardian pretty exclusively, and mesmer or ele when I'm not in a guardiany mood.

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    I'm already building my alt spreadsheet. Veering away from main-ing guardian, as it seems a lot of folks/guild peeps are doing that and diversity helps (might change my mind on that, though, as I have 0 willpower). Will probably start as Mesmer or ranger, possibly thief, try to experience some endgame, then build up the rest of the family. planning on avoiding necro/engineer/warrior, at least at first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kokabel View Post
    ...get used to what the skill does, how it looks, what situations it might be best to use it in....Playing them in PvE a little beforehand gives me a chance to become accustomed to ranges, cooldowns, potential combos and so on...it really doesn't take that much time to unlock skills...
    If we were only talking weapon skills your plan sounds great. However don't forget healing, utility, and elite skills. You have to get to level 30 to get your first elite skill. Then there are traits, which will take till at least level 40 to get your first top tier major trait skill.

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    I find the utility skills less difficult to judge 'at first glance', and healing is healing. It takes less time to swap utility and elite around that running through all the weapon skills trying to find the rhythm of the different ranges and what weapon sets meld well together. I just don't like jumping in completely blind - even if I don't have all utility unlocked, some time on the weapons gives a fairly rounded feel of the profession mechanic and what it might accomplish.

    Either way, I consistently scored either first or second on the sPvP end of match score boards, and had enough glory to blow on several gold chests (or whatever they were, some sorta random chance, zaishen-chest type mechanic), so I think I'm doing okay. ;P
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    Knowing myself and my altitis, I don't know how many I'll end up with. I was able to not waver much back in Prophecies and while working on getting 30/50 in HoM, but there were many more instances where I wavered off to multiple alts.

    Quote Originally Posted by bobrichmond View Post
    RB2 said there will be 5 character slots at release. Nothing has been said if there will be character slots sold in the gem store, but I would be surprised if there wasn't.
    Character slots were available last beta weekend for purchase with gems.
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    I'll be playing a Necromancer main, with Mesmer and Thief secondary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by satomz View Post
    ...Character slots were available last beta weekend for purchase with gems.
    Glad to hear that. Hope I can access the trading post/gem store during BWE3. I kept getting the interface, but no items whenever and however I tried during BWE2.

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    I wasn't big on GW:1 PvE, but I'll probably start off with an offensive character and go with a defensive one later on as an alt if the initial choice can't make that switch gameplay-wise

    For PvP characters there's no limit honestly and I'd probably fill up the max character slots very early on

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    @MaximumSquid: lots of characters can be both offensive and defensive depending on the build, it might pay off to pick a profession that has good potential in both areas. Guardian is quite good at offensive for example.
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    ppl are used to regular MMO's, i don't blame them for not seeing something else unless they tried it them self.
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