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    I kept a stack just in case Kisu still traded something for them (I was hoping he'd be giving out the festival grab bags). Since he doesn't, there's no need for them, other than trading them to the new NPC to get the Imperial token (which can only be done once per account), or to trade for booze/party/sweet point items.

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    i trade them for sweets, which i sell for 4.5K......
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    i wonder how these festivals go in the future..... with maybe just 1 district where a few people get points... or not
    then what? we prolly wont be able to get the gifts that way

    i hope they'll have a different way to at least get gifts, cuz i see noone run every year after GW2
    and thats not just dragon festival, the upcoming wintersday and halloween (wait, did this one have a community part?) may be in some kinda "danger"

    noone i know wont go to GW2, some stay in GW too, but at same time they enjoy GW2, and so wont be on for a long time

    i hope anet has an alternative for that o_O like getting them anyway, and not dying (in case of survivors)
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    Well, got a tengu mask for each account. One of only 4 I wasn't around to get. Just need the first Halloween and Christmas Hats now.

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