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    [NA] [WvW/PvP] Sinister Swarm - 1999 to Present

    - GW2 Chapter Leader: [ Legend ] -
    - Website: http://www.sinisterswarm.com/
    - Focus: Organized PVP | Weekly Raid Groups | Social Activities | Multi-Gaming Community
    - Region: NA Based PST/MST/CST/EST: Extremely Friendly to EU/Oceanic Time zones as well
    - Server: TBD

    For 12 years now, our community has withstood the test of time. Founded upon a higher set of standards, we continuously strive to provide our members with the most complete and rewarding gaming experience. We have made many accomplishments, but what we value more than anything are the relationships that we have built within our community. We have gone beyond your typical guild experience and are more of a family. It is our basic principles and these friendships that bind us together. While games come and go, and so many of the "hardcore" guilds crumble around us, the Sinister Swarm remains eternal!

    The Sinister Swarm is a multi-platform gaming community with 12 years of gaming experience built into its tight-knit leadership. Through long hours and a great deal of dedication, the Sinister Swarm has grown into a well-respected and well-regarded community that has members still in it from the very beginning. The world "guild" no longer can describe what we have become over these years. We put the class back into gaming.

    1999: Sinister Swarm’s original founding as SLAYER Clan for Team Fortress.
    2000: Sinister Swarm moves to Everquest 1, our first MMO.
    2002: Dark Age of Camelot, where we began our legacy spanning 8 years.
    2005: Guild Wars, shedding blood conquering the battled fields.
    2008: Age of Conan, having only spent a small time in Age of Conan, but our dedication was known server wide.
    2008: Warhammer Online, once the Iron Rock guild of the week, Sinister Swarm was widely respected and feared alike during their reign.
    2009: Aion, we moved on from Warhammer to Aion and continued our efforts.
    2010: Global Agenda, Star Trek Online and World of Warcraft; with so many members and such a wide variety of tastes we spread our wings of dominance, we began not one but three branches of our interest in this year.
    2011: Rift and Star Wars: The Old Republic, two promising new games, Rift a dynamic new game by Trion Worlds where we excuted both PVE and PVP dominance. And, Star Wars: The Old “Swarmpublic” which is currently still being played in wait for Guild Wars 2 release.
    2012: TERA Online, led by Emperor Venom himself, not only the highest ranked gaming guild on the Jagged Coast server, but one of the most widely respected ones as well. Quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with server wide.
    2012-XXXX: THE FUTURE. You are our future. With the Swarm Initiative invading Guild Wars 2 and many other games to come, we need strong and loyal members like you that can cultivate comradery, loyalty and friendships that will bind us together through the tough blood drenched days to come! World vs. World, structured PVP/PVE organized activities and more await us.

    Here in the Swarm we range from casual family players to dedicated hardcore PvPers. Our main goal is to always have fun and meet new and interesting people. For our officers, it is both our duty and pleasure to help facilitate a positive and fun atmosphere for everyone, regardless of experience, rank or play style. We strictly refrain from engaging in open world debates/flaming, and instead choose to let our play speak for itself. Although reaching the top is important, we feel what really matters is how you get there. With hard work and commitment we can achieve anything, but at the end of the day it’s all about having fun, making friends and doing everything in our power to help our fellow Swarmers succeed. We expect that our members always demonstrate respect not only to our community, but to everyone in game. One of us represents all of us. Honor above all else.

    12+ Years Gaming Experience.
    Superb knowledge, understanding and passion for gaming.
    Mature, Family Friendly and largely community-driven.
    250+ Slot Ventrillo Server with 24/7 activity.
    Dedicated, passionate leadership with a keen understanding of what is required to make guilds work and run smoothly on a large scale.
    PvP/WvW/RvR/PVE, all walks of MMO life compacted and specialized within the Swarm!
    Weekly Community Wide Swarm Events: PvE + PvP Tournaments, Contests, Social Activities and Challenges; this includes world events & dragon raids and so much more!
    Zero Tolerance Policy
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    I would like to thank Tenacious from our Tera Alliance, stepping forward into Guild Wars 2 with us! A great step in cross gaming alliance! We hope strengthen our bonds and excel in everything Guild Wars 2 has to offer! May we play together for many games and years to come!

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    The Sinister Swarm is a mature, active, multi-gaming community that has been around for over 12 years and has a solid history in GW. We're looking forward to taking WvW to a new level in GW2 and are looking for new members who share our vision to join us! Please stop by our web site and see all that we have to offer! If you like what you see, you can apply directly online - ask about a Meet & Greet in vent!

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    Looking for a new gaming community to call home? Stop by our web site and see all that we have to offer! Fun, friendly members are waiting to welcome you ...

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    Hail Swarm! And a big WELCOME to all our new members!

    The Sinister Swarm is growing daily and we are SO excited about GW2!!! Catch the fever! Join us as we prepare to take WvW by storm and be part of history in the making - this is truly a gaming community that you will call "HOME" and make friends here that will last from game to game and year to year!

    Check us out here: www.SinisterSwarm.com

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    The Sinister Swarm is always looking for more people to join our community! Why not stop by and have a look? When you join the Sinister Swarm you are not only part of a multi gaming community, your part of our family! From games to come and many many years! Enjoy the fun that comes with a guild that takes part in many games, and stop searching for a new guild every time a new game comes out!

    We will also be having a GW2 meeting via vent Thursday July 19th 6:00 PM PST, if you would like to join in on this let me know :)

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    Hail Swarm!

    Please stop by and visit our home page at www.SinisterSwarm.com to see our newly updated forums!

    The Sinister Swarm is the home you've been looking for - a gaming community that is so much more than a guild - this is a place where you'll make friends that will last from year to year and game to game! We're a mature, well-organized and structured community that has been around for over 12 years with experienced leaders who will help you get the most out of any game, whether you are a casual or hard-core player, in PVP or PVE - we have something for everyone!

    Be sure to join us for our pre-beta weekend meeting this Thursday at 6 PM PST via our Ventrillo server - you can find out more on our forums:


    Apply today!


    Email me if you have any questions!


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    The Sinister Swarm is having a great time during this BWE!!! We'd love to have you come out and join us for more fun!

    If you're looking for a mature, well-organized gaming community where you're part of a FAMILY and not just another name on a roster, this is it! Please stop by our web-site at www.SinisterSwarm.com and see all that we have to offer - you'll be glad you did!

    I look forward to you applying and having a "Meet & Greet" with you in vent!

    If you have any questions, please email me at Fate@SinisterSwarm.com

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    Why wait??? Join NOW so you can get to know the awesome members you'll be playing with come launch, and get in on the pre-launch planning, too!

    Great things are happening at the Swarm! Catch the excitement!

    Stop by our web-site at www.SinisterSwarm.com to view our video and check out our forums!

    You can apply online, then have a Meet & Greet/Orientation in vent with friendly members who are waiting to welcome you!

    You'll be glad you did :)

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    Hey everyone,

    I want to let everyone know that starting tonight, at 6pm PST, our member Nitro Genicide will be gathering up people to participate in "runs" that will go towards your Hall of Monuments. These runs will go until the release of GW2, which in his case is August 25. Below is a complete copy of his plans and dates for the events, If you are intrested in taking part in these please let me know via a pm on this forum, or you can head on over to our forums. If you like how our guild works and want to tag along for GW2 feel free to drop off an Application, Hope to hear back from everyone!

    Before I get to in depth, I will mention, some of these runs will take a good chunk of time.

    With that said, I think it's reasonable, and easy enough, to begin with Hero Armor sets. To do these, we can do simple runs through challenge missions. Each set of armor you get is good for one hero and one point. To max out the Resilience track, you must upgrade the armor of 30 heroes. But we won't need to do this since we're not trying to max our HoMs.

    The next best thing to do would be title hunting. There are a few titles that are simple and can be achieved within a days work. For instance; Legendary Survivor is possible to attain by doing roughly 15-20 runs with exp scrolls, which would be about 6-8 hours. The easiest titles, however; are the ones you get for completing campaigns. The first campaign can be rushed and completed in only a day's amount of time. The second would be Nightfall, which will take around 3-4 days. And the final would be Factions which we could complete in only a couple days.

    I realize that they're might be a decent number of people wishing to do some of these runs. I have constructed a rather rough schedule of what we will be doing each night. It goes as follows:

    ~Week 1~

    Tonight (07/27): Introduce players to the game mechanics (new players) and explain, in full detail, my plans for the next few weeks.
    Saturday Night - Monday Night (07/28-07/30): Begin Prophecies campaign run groups. These will continue until Tuesday night when we begin running through the Nightfall campaign.
    Tuesday Night - Friday Night (07/31-08/03): Finish Prophecies campaign, help anyone who got a late start. Begin Nightfall campaign.

    ~Week 2~

    Saturday Night - Monday Night (08/04-08/06): Finish Nightfall campaign. Same as above. Begin work on Factions campaign.
    Tuesday Night - Thursday Night (08/07-08/09): Finish Factions campaign. Begin preparations for vague title hunting, such as Legendary Survivor, Eternal Conqueror of the Underworld, Fissure of Woe, Sorrows Furnace, The Deep etc. Further details will be given at the meeting tonight.

    ~Week 3~

    Friday Night - Sunday Night (08/10-8/12): Continue title hunting groups with the addition of Hero Armor runners in a separate channel to themselves.
    Monday Night - Wednesday (08/13-08/15): We continue work on the Hero Armor runs, while also adding some farming groups to the picture for resources used to fund the financial situation involved with the HoM runs.
    Thursday Night - Friday Night (08/16-08/17): Make up days. We will be using these days to catch any members caught out of the loop in previous weeks. I will strive to help anyone and everyone I can during these 2 days.

    ~Week 4~

    Saturday Night - Monday Night (08/18-08/08/20): I have allocated this time for the re-visitation of missions in the campaigns. I will be forming groups that will go over any missions that were not done, including the bonuses. I will explain what this means at the end of this post. **
    Tuesday Night - Friday Night (08/21-08/24): With only one day before the launch of GW2, I will use this time for any members that need assistance with any titles, missions, or runs and assure that you get as much done as possible.

    Here are some very helpful links in terms of the HoM runs we will be doing:

    Here is a website to visit if you either don't know what to throw on you skill template, or if you're just rusty:

    Here is a very helpful way of keeping track of your rewards. It also tells you, what items and titles you will receive in guild wars 2:

    To wrap it all up...
    The schedule that I provided may not be fully accurate to the day, but it does come close. This also may not seem like much, but there is a bunch of things we can do in between each allotted time space. I look forward to gaming with everyone soon.

    **Missions are essentially graded by the tasks you perform in each. You are given bonus objective in addition to the main mission objectives. If you complete all additional mission objectives, you receive what is called the Master's Reward on that mission, which then goes towards the Protector title track, which will be easy if we do this when we run through the campaigns.

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