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    Heard about the game, been loving what I've watched of the game. Haven't grabbed the game.

    With the rumors and such that Bohemia was planning on taking DayZ and going full-on with it, I think I can wait. It's interesting too because its someone who works at Bohemia who is working on the mod. They also apparently added in (or going to) add in wolves/dogs into the game, yet it sounds like they are pushing pretty hard on the current engines limitations. So if the rumors of a standalone DayZ title are true, I'll likely grab that up!

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    Well I just played a few hours. It's really clunky to use gear etc and the graphics do look old after playing BF3, but damn it's sooo intense. First Zombie attack my heart was beating like I'd run for a bus. I've barely got off the beach, died about four times - twice from Zombies, couple of suicides as was too injured to make any real progress and couldn't heal myself. No idea where I am, hold up in a church, still without a weapon, map or food... progress not looking good at this point, but it's a lot of fun :D

    Probably best played with a few others, so PM me if you're playing and want to party up.

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    Seems like a really cool game, will try it if they put arma on sale, or if they make a standalone version.

    It's still in alpha atm, imagine how awesome it can be when the netcode is optimised and the bugs are splatted. Even better if they make it into an arma 3 mod or standalone.
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    far shiverpeak

    the legendary alterans

    a college can't stop talking about this game, me on the other hand am not interested in a game that has player kill all the time.
    i might play it if it's fair but a party of 4 or so can rule a whole area with enough ammo and blood, most ppl ask if you have blood and kill you for even the tiniest bit of ammo or blood.
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    You can steal/take blood? weird, what would you even use it for :/. Also, colleague*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringsgold View Post
    You can steal/take blood? weird, what would you even use it for
    Blood Packs are used to heal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carpe Diem View Post
    Blood Packs are used to heal.
    It's just like Fallout!

    Minus the rads.

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    Pretty good beginner play video with Totalbiscuit and Rocket, the Mod creator, good info.

    And pretty cool squad play playlist... DayZ Sniper PVP Gameplay

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carpe Diem View Post
    Blood Packs are used to heal.
    ah, I thought he was talking about the blood that's basically your healthbar.

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