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    i would like one for a friend of mine
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    I'd love to win a key for my best friend, so this final BWE he can play from his own dang computer and not take mine over for 6+ hours!!!

    Did I mention he's my best friend?

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    My bday was on the 12th! Would be the best bday present ever!

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    Going for a key for a friend.

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    Got the game myself but I am trying to get some keys for friends. Had one from curse but when we tried put it in we got a message saying it was already in use. :( So hopefully, better luck will follow here. ;)

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    It would be so great to get a beta key for this upcoming beta weekend! Was so close to getting one from the recent Curse giveaway, but they ran out too fast. :( My bf has already bought his copy and will be playing, but I do not have the funds at the moment to preorder just yet. I would absolutely love for us to be able to fight through and explore this awesome world together. :)

    Thank you so much!
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    Loved the first beta weekend I was in, but haven't been in since :(
    Guess I should pre order it already.

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    Good day,

    I'd like to get into the Guild Wars 2 beta. Impressions seem great so I'm pretty excited to try it out.


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    Hey, would appreciate a key greatly ^^

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    Hey, i would love to try this game out :>

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