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    Cool Who's upgrading their rig for GW2?

    "Officially", I am so I can turn my old computer into a dedicated ESX lab...

    Unofficially, GW2!

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    Dii, TRUE

    I bought a new PC and I'm not going to even pretend that at least part of that was for GW 2.

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    I was going to buy a computer just for GW2, but mine died early so I had to buy early. But it's definitely well up-to-date to run GW2.
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    Yeah. Zojja was getting sickly, lots of BSODs and buzzy freezing that I was finding it harder and harder to troubleshoot and fix. She was very much a Frankenstein's monster PC with various bits stuck on over the years. Think the hard to replace bits we're just slowly dying.

    Was kind of hoping I could hold out til Christmas, but ultimately I gave in and have shiny new Torfan now :D

    Bought 80% in part to have good GW2 experience, not gonna lie >_>. Je ne regrette rien.
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    If you take that to mean Zojja has in the asura, that sentence gets rather amusing.
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    I already did upgrade... partly it was for GW2. Partly for other stuff too, I needed something a little bit zoomier, and this beast certainly gave me that.

    I still need to swap my pwn-worthy GPU back in. Oman beta weekend is gonna be amazing on the GTX 680...
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    Planning on updating GPU at some point soon, mostly for recording purposes.

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    I had been a little annoyed by certain aspects of my computer for a while, but in the aftermath of BWE1, I started looking into possible upgrades.

    I have since upgraded the motherboard, SSD, operating system, case, and power supply. It was done over several weeks, so I still see it as the same computer.

    It was really more of a future-proofing than anything else. The motherboard alone really opened up my options.

    I'm also upgrading to Crossfired Radeon HD 5570s (possibly x3). Since my wife is getting a 6670, I get her old 5570 and a matching one from eBay (and potentially a third from a friend to fill up the mobo, though that's not very likely). I've heard that two cards can experience "micro-stuttering," but a third card fixes it. We'll see how it goes, though I'm not going to buy a third one if it comes to that. I'd rather have the inconsistent frame rate than buy 2 (or 3 if you count the first one) low- to mid-range cards for the price of one mid- to high-end.

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    Going to update/renew my computer in few weeks, so if anyone has good suggestions (planning to spend 500 - 800).

    No idea if GW2 needs it but I'm sure other games will.

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    My PC is two years old and easily runs at 50 fps max settings with GW1 running on the second screen, also with max settings (on windows 8). And that's for an unoptimized game. Looks great.

    However I must admit that GW1 has the better graphics between the two.

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