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    Last minute beta key?

    Was wondering if anyone has a spare key left somewhere, i tried all the contests i could find, but end up empty handed. Since this is the last chance to try the game before 28.08. i am making this desperation/begging thread here as a last effort for trying the game this weekend. Key would be much appreciated.

    Thanks for reading!

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    if you have a credit card, you could always try preorder on amazon.com. its risk free since you can cancel and not be charged after the bwe if need be.

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    Sadly i dont, i have a debit card i cant use at the moment because i dont have any money left on my bank account till sometime next month. I wanted to preorder, but it just didnt fit into this months finances :)

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    I can't help you but perhaps these guys can, they've just posted that they're giving away 50 beta keys over the course of today.

    Best of luck!


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    if the contest doesn't work out for you, amazon should still work. they don't charge any amount until august.

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    Oh i see, thanks for help both of you guys :)

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