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    My review of BW3

    As far as I can see, Guild Wars 2 is a great game, and it only makes me love more the world of guild wars. There are a few points I think they DO need to work on though.

    The gameplay was amazing to say the least, the combat was exciting and the battles were epic. The combat mechanics were impressive and they add a lot to the game. The story was good, as well as the characters (god, zojja is soo awesome). The inventory/bank worked great, and the collections tab on the bank is a great way to find the things you use for crafting, leaving enough space in the bank for important stuff, such as armors and weapons. A good thing is that the game is good, but not necessarily addictive.

    The graphics when turned to high were great, and for an mmo, they were mind blowing. Unfortunately I could only see, as playing with max settings meant a huge drop in performance, seeing as Low was already performing quite badly.

    The map is great, and provides a lot of information for the adventurer to find skill challenges, vistas and heart quests. Its did left me disappointed as I thought the world was much larger, I thought it was bigger than world of warcraft's, and it isn't, it is respectably big though.

    The professions had a lot of variety, and playing them seemed like learning to speak another language, because each of them have different abilities and advantages you need to learn to master them.

    Now to the big part-this beta was HIGHLY unoptimized, I run a laptop with an intel core i7 (quad), 4GB of ram and an AMD Radeon HD 6490M, which surpasses by far the minimum requirement of an intel HD3000, and I can only run the game at minimum settings, and barely with sampling set to default. I hope the game does get optimized enough, seeing a lot of complaints about the performance.

    Nevertheless, I can't wait to play the game, because it IS good, and that is enough for me.

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    BW3? :D Epic typo

    EDIT: Epic idiotism. Didn't get until now that it's beta weekend 3.

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    I don't think Felicia Day sounds like an asura. All the others sound snarl out vicious sarcasm and blatant hatred. Day sounds like a sweetheart.

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    Felicia Day's voice makes Zojja sound funny, its a sweet voice under a creature supposed to be mind boggling annoying... Its like putting a Golden Retriever's bark on a Chihuahua...

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    For me, her voice mostly broke the immersion. I could just recognize her so well that my brain did the mental substitution. It was sad D=

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