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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaris View Post
    Wow. Media eh?

    Ok, so we're not there yet... but the tech is pretty new. It's still interesting in that it means we can print some parts, and it's likely that the tech will improve so we can print all parts at reasonable speed and cost and effort.
    Ok, not happy with the tone of my original post, so let's try something a little more diplomatic:

    In light of the recent failure of UN member states to reach agreement on a treaty that would regulate the conventional arms trade, some may find your enthusiasm for the cheap, efficient and, ultimately unregulated production of fire-arms both disappointing and disturbing.
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    Just to clarify, I think weapons should be regulated, not just guns. If you buy a sword, you should sign for it, and there should be some way to track you down if it ends up being used.

    I'm not happy with people printing weapons, but people at home can do lots of things, it's not clear we can stop it.
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