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Thread: PvP Night

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    PvP Night

    Hi, I'm posting this to see if there's people in the guild and alliance that are interested in having a weekly night of PvP. At the moment I'm thinking of doing this on Thursday nights starting anywhere between 6:00pm-9pm EST. If there are European players who are interested in this as well, I can move it Saturday afternoons American time. At the moment I'm think of doing small team-based PvP such as Codex Arena and Alliance Battles. However if there are enough who are interested, perhaps we can test our luck in Heroes' Ascent or GvG.

    Let me know if you're interested in doing this or if there are better times for you guys.

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    I waaaannnttttt!!!!!

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    I would join in on this. I'm East Coast U.S. and would be able to make it Thursdays around 7pm most weeks. Saturday could work as well, though maybe not as consistently.

    Warning to any and all who end up on my team: I'm just starting with PvP, so mistakes will be frequent. I have no proof yet I even *can* learn to PvP, but I'm willing to try. :)

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    Well, I am interested! I do need PvP coaching....builds, armors & such. So I feel like I need to post the same warning as Tanek.

    Good news is that I just upgraded our internet service from DSL and hope it allows for better gaming!

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    Ok. Let's try having the first PvP night on Thursday, August 9 at 7:00 pm. We'll all meet in the MVOP hall.

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    I will log in as soon as I get home. to see where I can fit in. :)

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    For this Thursday night, we will be trying out alliance battles, which also happens to be the Zaishen combat quest for that day. Be sure to grab it for extra faction rewards. We'll meet in the MVOP hall at 7:00 pm EST (the time the GW2 stress test will end).

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    We are going to try Heroes' Ascent this Thurday night, August 16 at 7:00pm EST.
    The Zaishen combat will be HA so be sure to pick it up.

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