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    Cool Saints of Lion's Arch Christian/Family Guild

    Guild Name: Saints of Lion's Arch

    Leaders: Dosmas, Mirakle
    Website: http://sola.enjin.com/
    Type: PvX
    Server: NA
    Current Size: 20+
    Voice Chat: Mumble
    Age: any and all

    A Bit About Ourselves:
    The Saints of Lionís Arch was established by a group of online friends to provide an environment where gamers can enjoy Guild Wars 2, and to develop a community of acceptance and encouragement. SoLA was founded with Judeo-Christian teachings and a Biblical world-view in mind. As such we strive to show respect to everyone including our enemies. Our goal is to be known as friendly and helpful members of the Guild Wars 2 gaming community. We will do this by holding ourselves to a high standard of respect and maintaining the honor of the Saints of Lionís Arch. We will provide a family friendly environment for gamers and a place to enjoy Guild Wars 2 in a community of friendly individuals.

    Many of us have been playing for years together and now we are branching out to play GW2 and meet even more new people and make many new fiends. We range from Hard Core PvP to PvE and very casual gamers, from people in their 60s to teens and maybe younger (Though most of us are in our late twenties early thirties). Many of us have experienced incredible success through games such as EQ, DaoC, WoW, SWTOR to name a few. We have former members of high end Raiding guilds and RvR guilds that still have the heart and skills just not the time they once did.

    SoLA focuses first on a clean and friendly environment. We're looking first and foremost for people who can add something to our community, get along with other people, and can handle keeping things PG13 for the people who have kids.

    After that though, we do press for the big leagues and will be fighting to own keeps, taking out world bosses, and accomplishing everything end game has to offer. We've been highly successful with this in the past and plan to continue to do as we've always done.

    If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or even just want to meet me, please feel free to send me a private message, visit our site, or just respond to this thread here.

    Auburn, WA

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    We have chosen Sanctum of Rall as our home server. And it has an AWESOME story even before we start .

    Sanctum of Rall Story



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    That is an excellent story of Roger Rall bringing your, and other, guildies together to celebrate him. I hope it's a happy server which parallels your play styles and keeps you all busy and bonded over it.

    Perhaps you could host parties there which people could come and guest over into.


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    Many of us are now reaching 80. We are also forming WvWvW nights, sPvP groups, and dungeon running groups.

    If you want to join in on the fun please check out our website.


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