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    At first, I couldn't even log in. And then I decided to create a new character (as I wanted to try Thief). So, I created a new sylvari (didn't really care how she looked), and when the intro started, I pressed "skip" (I'll watch those when the game releases). And had a nice black screen with a blinking "skip" button. Waited for about 5 minutes, closed the client and started it again. I noticed the character had been made and was waiting for me in that starting dream. So, I selected her, and.... nothing. I couldn't do anything but close the client again.

    Finally, after about 30 minutes I managed to get in....

    Beside those starting problems, the only thing that didn't work was the Black Lion's Trading House. I couldn't sell, I couldn't buy, the gemshop was non-existent. Even after the upgrade, it still didn't work.

    I only had one goal this stress test, I wanted to get a daily reward! After I had that, I collapsed and went to bed (or rather, the other way around, but barely!)

    But these 2 hours impressed upon me that I simply want to play the game and explore that map!
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    I played with character creation for a change. It brought up more questions than answers unfortunately.

    Sylvari skin tones, I struggled with. I also need to consider not making a dark sylvari because I had a hard time making one where you could see the details... unless I give up the details entirely.

    Asura was easier to make, but I am debating between cute (feels creepy) or evil (which I like) or just creepy (which tends to look like toads).

    Charr is by far the only race where I find it really easy to make ones that I like. Black and white stripes. Green eyes. Straight hair going up (a few choices are nice). Horns, again, I like a few choices. I just wish I could make a longer nose to make it more zebra-ish.
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    yeah the sylvari skin colors can get real dark, i tend to stick with the light green so that way the details can be seen. i chose red for the detail colors and glow and eyes and let me tell you! omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i actually ended up going back and remaking one because i didnt know about the glow the first time around, made him more beefed up which looks way cooler on these dudes and changed up the skin pattern to something else

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