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    Sanctuary of Legendary Heroes [HERO]


    Sanctuary of Legendary Heroes [HERO] Recruiting (Very Casual PvE)

    About Us

    We're a small, very casual PvE guild that was founded in 2005. We're looking for a few good Guild Wars 2 members. We don't have many requirements except you must be friendly with other guild members. You must also never be mean or rude. Pretty simple, right? When I said very casual that means you can log in whenever and play whatever you want. We never make you do anything you don't want to do. Only want to play once a week? Only want to play WvW? Fine with us. We're just a group of friends having fun.

    What We Want

    • We ask that you say hi in the game and make occasional posts on our forum. Just don't be the silent type. (Not a requirement)
    • We also ask that you help people out when they really need it. (Not a requirement)

    All of the info above and more is listed on our website and forums. Think HERO is a good fit for you? Take a look at our site and join the forum. Ask us anything you want.

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