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    Reason is a PvX guild that aspires to actively support its members in all aspects of Guild Wars 2 while maintaining a casual, non-demanding environment. As information about the game's servers at launch have not yet been made public, we will decide our guild's home at a later date.

    Guild Benefits
    One of Reason's highest priorities is to foster a sense of community among its members. To accomplish this, we maintain a dedicated forum as well as a private Mumble (VOIP) server. Members are strongly encouraged to use both at their convenience. The guild's leaders regularly use the forums and are generally on voice chat whenever they are playing the game.

    Reason will also organize regularly scheduled events that focus on PvP, WvW, dungeon runs, etc. in order to promote a robust guild community. Finally, all members additionally receive access to our shared guild storage, which will contain useful items contributed by guild members.

    Member Requirements
    Reason strives to be a fairly laid back guild, so the requirements on guild members will be minor. We understand that each of us has varying amounts of time that can be committed to any one activity, this game included. Furthermore, we believe that real life responsibilities are more important than anything guild-related. Therefore, we will never impose minimal playtime per week or guild participation requirements as a stipulation for remaining in the guild. However, those that participate more often will receive more benefit from their increased attendance.

    Misc. Policies
    We accept members of all ages, but we expect them to act like mature adults. Our general policy is "Don't be a dick." See our Guild Policy for a more detailed look.

    Reason is currently accepting all applications. All applicants will be asked to undergo a short initiate phase before becoming full members. This period allows us to get a feel for how you fit in with the guild, both in terms of personality and play style.

    For more information on how to apply, go to the recruitment forum on our guild website and follow the instructions in the “Application Process and Information” thread.
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    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that we are still recruiting. In addition to those application submissions on the forum, we have about 10 IRL friends that will be joining in, but we still really want to try to grow the guild before release if possible.

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    Hey again guys. We have been in discussion for a week or so about our final server of choice while watching activity levels for each on various forums and such, and we have finally decided on Gate of Madness. Hope to see everyone in game soon, and check the posts above to get links to our site and further information about the guild.

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    Hello again everyone. We are still in a very active stage of development and really hope for you to come along with us. Last weekend we finished our first dungeon run successfully, and this weekend we are preparing to battle in WvW. We also have done several large group area clears if exploration is what you're interested in.

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    Had a very successful dungeon run night last weekend with one group doing the lvl 40 and the other doing the lvl 50. Our member count is increasing pretty quickly now, but even more would be great! Our mumble channel is maintaining great activity and the forum hardly goes a day without several posts. Please come join us!

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    Another successful dungeon run this past weekend, even with it being a holiday weekend for many. We are still getting a steady flow of new recruits and enjoying everyone's company on the forums and mumble. We will soon be polling guild members about the time and type of our next weekly event. We would love for you to come and join in on that poll and discussion!

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    Hey guys it has been quite a while hasn't it? Everything has been going quite smoothly so far and we are seeing a steady flow of member, but we are missing you! Come join our active forums and especially our mumble, which is always active!

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