Hello all!

On behalf of Foundation, I am pleased to extend an invitation to the wider community to take part in the growth and direction of an exciting, new initiative.

Foundation is a community-based and collaborative art project that aims to present a vibrant and nuanced depiction of the world of Tyria during the time of Guild Wars 2. With an extensive team of writers, musicians, and artists, we aim to build some of the most innovative and visceral stories that have ever been told and, in so doing, to provide a platform through which artists around the community can promote, develop, and pursue their individual crafts.

There are a number of specific components that we're excited to reveal to the GW2 community:

"Submit a Character": We're dedicated to the idea of building an inclusive world and, to that end, we have launched our "Submit a Character" page on our website. On this page, you can submit a detailed sum of information about any characters that you have created for the world of Guild Wars 2, and our staff writers will then work to include your characters in the background of our tales. You can expect to see your characters arguing with an Asura Gate technician, or maybe drinking themselves silly in a bar under the Black Citadel, or perhaps shopping at the local blacksmith. (Don't worry, there are a reasonable constraints in which this happens to ensure that any depictions of the character entirely reflect the creator's design and intent. We're rather serious about that sort of thing.)

The Foundation Forum: We're pleased to publicly launch our art-centered forum, drop by for some feedback, critiques, and interaction with the staff of Foundation.

Staff Recruiting: We're always looking for promising artists. Whether your skill lies with the letter or the brush, the sound or the cloth, drop by and send us a line. Surprise us, we love new ideas.

We're excited about the things going on around the community, and we're even more optimistic about the potential that exists to create something truly meaningful and enduring. We encourage anyone interested to come check out our website! We'd love to have more readers! Many thanks.


Lead Community Manager