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    Tools of the trade

    Playing through the beta's I have decided that my current gaming set up is going to be insufficient.

    Trying to fire off skills while endlessly strafing in a circle is rsi/contortionist pita; twisting my left hand on W.A.S.D to also hit the 1-8 keys is not going to be fun gaming in the long term.

    So I'm looking at multi-button mice. After all, my right hand is just holding down the right mouse button and occasionally shifting to avoid a tree.

    I have absolutely no experience with these, so I'm asking for advice, which should I go for?

    Corsair M90

    Logitech G600 or G700

    The Razer Naga or Naga Hex

    or any other you can suggest.

    I question the actual utility of some of them, so many buttons cramped so closely together (I'm looking at you naga) that they look like they'll be more hassle than their worth.


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    razer naga ftw. buttons seem cramped but really arent once you get adjusted to the mouse. hex looks chill though

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    I don't buy keyboards or mice online. Unless it's simply a replacement for an existing model, I suppose.

    I'm not super incredibly picky about mouse and keyboard, but there are some things that factor into my purchase. For instance, I want to know how the keys feel when I type, and how loud the keyboard is. I want to know if the mouse shape fits my hand, or if it's far too large (I have small hands so it's almost never too small, though that could be an issue for other people, obviously). At the same time I can click all the buttons on the mice to see how easily I can use them.

    Just some things to consider, and may not be applicable for you (your nearest store with mice/keyboards may be a long distance away, or you may not be as finicky as I am).

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    I agree with Nkuvu.

    I need a new mouse due to the death of my previous one. Tomorrow I'm going out to feel the available options. I may eventually buy online, but for as long as I will be holding one, the feel of it is so important.

    I think there will be a learning curve getting used to the buttons. And depending on the length of your thumb and button placement, some buttons may not be useful. That goes back to trying the mouse out in real life.

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    Loving my G600, but yeah, there's a learning curve. I think the buttons are laid out a bit better than the other options though (simply because they have opposing slants, so it's easier to tell where the heck you are without looking around). I'm still getting used to it, but I'm liking it more and more (and the far-right click has become my favorite weapon-swap key).

    Looking at your other options...G700 doesn't look that comfortable to me, but I've never liked the little thumb inlay thing. M90 looks like the majority of the buttons are in a difficult to reach place. I can't really comment on the Razers...they look fine, though.
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    The thing is, you're not really supposed to hit 5-0 to play this game. It's just not practical.

    I do realize you're looking for a multi-button mouse, but rebinding the hotkeys goes a long away to make this game much more enjoyable and easy to control.

    My current keybinds go something like this:


    Skills 1 to 4: Unchanged (that means hotkeys 1 to 4)

    Skills 5 and 6: Q and E respectively.

    Skills 7 to 0: Z, X, C and V

    Dodge: Turn off double-tap dodge (it messes up jumping puzzles and with lag it becomes unreliable), assign it to Shift

    Change weapon: R


    I do realize I could do Shift + <key> for most of these, but for now I'm happy with this setup. Everything is near my left-hand, leaving the right hand free to control the camera and the ground targetting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemeon Lion View Post
    Dodge: Turn off double-tap dodge (it messes up jumping puzzles and with lag it becomes unreliable), assign it to Shift
    so far i havent found an issue with double tap when it came to puzzles or in pvp during lag.

    for my i keep 1-5 the same, R is my self heal button,1 on my naga is utility skill 7, 2 on naga is 8, 5 is 9 and 6 on naga is my elite skill
    i kept weap swap on ` works good since my hand is right there. going to be changing skill 5 to the 3 button on my naga on release

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    I'm trying different configurations of button mapping.
    Being in the uk there are fewer places for me to go and play with one before hand... but being near to the capital of the world (currently hosting some sports thing) so I should be able to find somewhere... I hope.
    So far a combination of re-binding and logitech g600 is in the lead

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    ESDF qwa<rtzghv, mouse wheel up or down for weapon swap, thumb mouse for target next, thumb mouse 2 for target closest, ctrl for dodge, shift QWRT for class mechanics, c for action (loot,use,talk,revive,finish off), 3/4 for target marked. Think that about covers it more or less.

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    I purchased a G600 today. I liked that the thumb buttons were sloped and the 2 middle buttons have the little knobby thing like the f and j on a keyboard. Really easy to know my thumb is in position. The bottom row of buttons seems a little hard to get to, but considering how rarely I would ever use them I'm not concerned.

    I have a small hand (female) and the mouse is comfortable for me. But I'm unsure how it would be for someone with a larger hand.

    Good luck with your search.

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