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    Fine, fine. I give in. G600 bought. Now to wait for it to get here. ^_^
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemeon Lion View Post
    Dodge: Turn off double-tap dodge (it messes up jumping puzzles and with lag it becomes unreliable), assign it to Shift
    so far i havent found an issue with double tap when it came to puzzles or in pvp during lag.

    for my i keep 1-5 the same, R is my self heal button,1 on my naga is utility skill 7, 2 on naga is 8, 5 is 9 and 6 on naga is my elite skill
    i kept weap swap on ` works good since my hand is right there. going to be changing skill 5 to the 3 button on my naga on release

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    You don't need many mouse buttons, though some extra can be useful. Keybinding is key!

    My keyboard setup for the last two betas (my mouse has four extra buttons):

    Movement: WASD
    Weaponswap: Q
    Use: F
    Skill1: mouse4 (thumb)
    Skill2: mouse5 (thumb)
    Skill3: E
    Skill4: 4
    Skill5: R
    Heal: G
    Utility1: Z
    Utility2: Mouse6 (pinky)
    Utility3: Mouse7 (pinky)
    Elite: T
    Profession abilities: 1-3, 5

    As you can see all keys are within easy reach of my left hand, and my mouse only has 4 extra buttons (and I could replace those by binding X, C, V, B, F1-4)

    I might look into disabling double-tap to dodge, I'm used to it from AoC but I'm not using my shift key at all in GW2...

    Google told me there are actual keybinding guides

    I'm looking for a new mouse to replace my old razer, and it's not gonna be another razer. The razer's pads wear out pretty quickly and the pointer isn't as precise as I'd like (at 2000DPI it makes little jumps when trying to do precise movement, it didn't do that when I got it though). Held a corsair M90 a while back and it fit my hand really well, had good weight too so I might get that. I wouldn't go for a mouse with loads of buttons like the naga, hitting buttons on the side of your mouse is gonna put off your aim (ok, not really a problem with GW2) and makes for weird thumb placement.
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    Cheers for all the help and advice.

    Today I got a chance to play with the Naga and G700, and I believe that my big thumb would mash many of the Naga's buttons at once.
    I have quite big hands (hello ladies) from rock climbing, so that doesn't help.
    The G700 was better, with three buttons accessible by the right finger being easy to find and differentiate. The thumb buttons were more awkward to get to than the Naga's, but easier to differentiate.

    I still hope to try the Naga Hex and G600 before making a choice

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