BTGicon-200x200.jpgIf you played Guildwars 1 you would know us. We were top GvGers and Tombs (Hall of Heroes) players in GW1 from the Guild Pravus Phasmatis[Prav]. In Prav we were among the top 20 ladder guilds for several ladder seasons. We reformed later in the history of Guildwars 1 as Moustache Riders[mR] and returned to our former PvP glory days.

Block The Ghostly is a throwback to the GW1 memories we have. The phrase “block the ghostly” (for those of you that did not play GW1) derives from the crucial moment in Hall of Heroes (the persistent tournament style structured pvp in gw1) when the enemy hero was about to cap the altar. Everyone on your team would try to block the hero from getting to the altar, to prevent them from capping and potentially winning the game.

Most of our players are also veteran pvpers from other games, including Dota / Heroes of Newerth / Dota 2, Starcraft, Halo, and CS. Additionally, some of our players have MMO raiding experience in WoW, SWTOR, and Age of Conan. I personally lead Pravus Phasmatis and Moustache Riders (20 member hardcore pvp guilds) in GW1, was a raid leader in WoW (BC), and most recently was a guild and raid leader for a 100+ member hardcore raiding guild in SWTOR. I was also a member of an amatuer dota league on team Blinkhi.

In GW2 we will be a dominant force to be reckoned with in all forms of structured pvp. The overall goal of the guild is to combine this core PvP focus with active PvE and WvW groups to have a holistic gaming approach that allows our players to sign up for what they want when they want (within the schedules of the various groups).

Guild: Block The Ghostly [HoH]
Guild Website:
Location: US - East (Accept any timezone players)
Server: Henge of Denravi
VoIP: Mumble
Guild Focus: PvE, WvW, Hardcore sPvP
Requirements: Mature people who are seeking a competitive hardcore PvP guild with a friendly atmosphere. (E-sport level PvP Experience a huge plus)
How to Join: If you are interested in joining, post an application here