I like how the Hall of Monuments works in GW in some respects. It's neat being able to display the armor sets and weapons you've collected, but I never felt it was enough. I'd like to be able to display ANY weapon I wanted, or even any item I liked for that matter. I liked a lot of my rare skinned and unique items more than most of the reward items. Not being able to show off the tools I loved and used was kind of a disappointment.

I also wish we could use the displays to actually store the weapons and armor (kind of like how Assassin's Creed works). It would be great to have an armor room where I could put different sets of armors on display. And it would be nice to have a weapons room where I could have weapons displayed on the walls or in racks. Then have a trophy room where statues could be unlocked for certain titles or feats. I like the idea of people being able to come into my "museum" and browse the things that I like. It's so much more of a visible reward for my efforts than a title that floats by my name on screen. It's one thing to see that I am a God Walking Among Mere Mortals. It's quite another to walk into my home and see all the things I did to get that title, and the tools I used to get there.

Then imagine having a guild hall that reflected the deeds and accomplishments of the guild. How awesome would it be to have guild meetings in a fully upgaded hall that was decked out in the trophies and trappings of a highly active guild?

I'd like the ability to have items I craft inscribed with my name and a short line of text. Or be able to set the colors of them. If I'm a grandmaster weaponsmith, it'd be awesome to be able to make a red sword for my friend that said for instance, "Masterwork Greatsword by Budrojr" with a line underneath it that said "Happy 3rd Anniversary!" or whatever.

What are some things you would like to see added or changed to make the GW2 experience more immersive or rewarding?