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Poll: Race of your Thief

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    I'd go with Sylvari too or possibly human noble. The first because it's a logical choice based on the gw books and the bits of lore I picked up there. A sylvari might in many ways not understand the idea of personal property and thus have no moral compass when it comes to acquiring new stuff.

    Human Noble because if anyone understands how to run a criminal organization it's old nobility.

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    that works or i was thinking sourdeez or bluedream(used it on bwe3), im quite fond of sourdeez and bluedream ;)

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    I voted for (male) Asura (small and sneaky), but will only use that race if there are character slots for sale in the gem store at launch. If not my thief will be a female human who grew up on the streets.

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    Too bad the Centaurs are not a playable race. A somersaulting donkeyman would have been interesting(oh how I wish I could change Zhed into an assassin in GW). The next closest thing to it would be a somersaulting Norn in bear-form :)

    Seriously, I would make an Asura or a Human Thief.
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    LBKnight: centaurs are not playable ... yet.
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