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    MV, please wait until I get them copied.

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    mmm stereotypical stoner culture setting mainstream acceptance back

    hint: no one thinks you're cool because you have drug paraphernalia. just shut up, smoke, and don't try to act like bob marley. you'd be surprised the amount of 40 year old soccer moms that smoke, for the simple reason that none of them are stupid enough to wear it on their sleeve.

    Although that would be hilarious, an american white milf with a Jamaican-flag colored rasta hat, dropping off the kids while reggae's blaring from the minivan. "I pick you up at 4:20, kids! One love!"
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    On the train back from my cousin's the other day, there were a bunch of kids, I wasn't even sure they were 21, headed into the city talking about how much they drink. I spent most of the ride hoping they wouldn't get in to any clubs or bars or that they got tickets for underage drinking or public intoxication.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feannag View Post
    I was just thinking it explains a lot.
    ohhhh youuuuuu :p

    Quote Originally Posted by shawn View Post
    "I pick you up at 4:20, kids! One love!"

    but yeah those are in there because i needed to show some people who wanted to buy them but i didnt really even think it was a big deal :( im not putting them there so people can be like "oh he smokes weed blah blah he must think hes cool" cuz i could care less what people think about me and my habits :) if i was trying to show off id have all my pieces on there lol im to old to care about looking cool to people especially over the internet

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