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    [NA - Fort Aspenwood] Obsidian - Friendly multi-game casual/hardcore guild

    Guild Wars 2 Server - Fort Aspenwood - NA Time Zones

    Obsidian is a multi-game guild, comprised of groups of members from previous games who have played over a decade together, starting back in Ultima Online, EverQuest and Asheron's Call. The core of our members have been in high-end guilds/clans in most online games, achieving the server firsts in PvE (Everquest, WoW, Everquest 2) and high ranking PvP (WoW Gladiators, DAoC) We have a dual guild leader system, with 25+ years of MMO experience between them. The core of our members have been in high-end guilds in most MMOs. We are currently or plan to be active in Guild Wars 2, Guild Wars 1, Battlefield 3, League of Legends, Diablo 3, Planetside 2, and more but our focus is mostly going to be in Guild Wars 2.

    Guild expectations/who we are looking for:

    1. We are looking for dedicated PVP and PVE players that enjoy both casual and hardcore playstyles.

    2. PVP players are very welcome to apply, we love PVP and have played at a high level of PVP in multiple games (Ultima Online, Asheron's Call, Lineage 2, Warhammer, World of Warcraft, DAOC) We plan to have a group of PVPers that can run WvWvW and competitive PVP groups nightly.

    3. Casual players are also welcome, people who just wish to group for instances, PVP casually, craft, and just have fun. We want the guild to be comprised of people with varying interests so that every member gets the most out of the guild.

    4. While we do not require our members to be of a certain age, we do require you are mature enough to handle a guild composed mostly of players 25 and over. You have to be prepared to be respectful to all players in guild and out, and to handle certain language guild members might use.

    5. We request members use our voice chat programs, they will not be required to but it will benefit the guild when you are able to at least listen.

    Players we are not recruiting:
    We will aggressively remove anyone who belongs in one of the below categories

    1. Immature people - Obsidian does not limit by age and we do have a few members under the age of 20, but if you are under 20 and do not feel you are mature for your age (or heck, if you're 30 and immature) this may not be the guild for you.

    2. L33T People - I don't believe I need to explain this.

    3. Greedy people - We work by way of Need Before Greed within our guild, extending beyond the party you are with.

    4. Drama majors - Obsidian has no use for drama or politics.

    Players we are Recruiting:

    1 . Mature members - The average age in Obsidian is somewhere in the mid twenties. This is just to give you an idea of the mind set of the guild. Age is not a requirement and we do have members who are under 20 who happen to be mature for their age.

    2. Team Players - Obsidian members do help each other out. We frown upon charging other members for items, or asking for help and not returning the favor. It is expected to share high demand items to guild members if no one in a party can use an item and another guild member can.

    3. Self Sufficient - We do help our members out, but you have all run into those needy people who seem to need help with everything. We will be avoiding that.

    4. People who can take a joke - Obsidian is big on humor. Dont take things personally.

    5. Courteous - If you promise to be somewhere at a certain time, be there, dont make others wait on you. (We do understand real life occasionally gets in the way)

    Guild leadership:

    Our guild uses a dual guild leader system, this prevents one person from holding too much power and makes all guild decisions more fair.

    Any member can be promoted to officer at any time if the guild leadership and officers vote they would be a great asset to the guild leadership. Any member also thinking they can carry certain responsibilities in the guild are encouraged to approach a guild leader about becoming an officer. Officers can also be voted in by the guild as a whole if they believe the person is capable of a leadership position. Officer positions are limited and officers that have been voted in can be removed by popular vote or guild leadership if there is a feeling the officer has either not met expectations or has stopped performing their duties. Positions that we are currently looking to fill in leadership positions are:

    1. Officers
    2. WvWvW Organizers
    3. Competitive PVP team leaders


    We are currently recruiting all classes.

    If you wish to apply, please PM me or register and apply at http://obsidianguild.enjin.com/recruitment

    Thank you for reading!
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    Post updated. We have selected our server as Fort Aspenwood for launch.

    We are excited with head start approaching and are recruiting a few more members. All are welcome to apply but we are especially short on necromancers and engineers.

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    With the rush of head start and release over, we are looking for a few more members again. Any professions are welcome to apply.

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