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    No Guild Wars 2 at Gamescom

    Comes as no huge surprise this with the launch looming but there will be no Guild Wars 2 at Gamescom next week in Germany. In an update regarding summer events ArenaNet commented:

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    Somehow, I'm not surprised. Ever since I heard about the date of the head start, I wondered if they'd actually be there with a playable demo. Because it's not just the demo, in Seattle, the developers would turn around their schedule completely so they could play with the people in Koln. Which was one of the greatest things! During that first demo shown, I ended up talking to Gaile instead of playing the demo
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    And I bought airplane tickets already to fly over from the US! Joking, but that would have sucked if I did /fistshake

    I was there in Seattle as well Rhonwyn!

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