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    Mercs-Clan recruiting for Guild Wars 2


    Recruiting all classes and races for Guild Wars 2 launch!

    -What We Are Looking For-

    Mercs is seeking active players with previous MMO experience seeking to establish a dominant force on the server. While previous experience is preferred players with team-based attitudes and the initiative to learn are also encouraged to apply. We are based in the EU and play around an GMT+0 schedule. The ability to use voice communications during guild events is crucial. You will need the latest version of Ventrillo, and a working mic/headset. You will also need a sense of humor combined with the ability to know when to stop joking and pay attention when battle ensues.

    When you wear the name, "Mercs", you share a reputation with each member in the guild, and they share in yours. When you do something that could cause other players to view you negatively, you are tarnishing the guild image along with its members. By following these simple guidelines below, it will ensure that wearing our guild name can be seen as a mark of a mature, honored and fearsome player.


    Friendship- Mercs is a vibrant gaming community based on the bonds of friendship between our members. If you told me the most fun you have ever had playing a video game, I would bet that it involved playing with close friends. Community is important in gaming. It gives your gaming experience purpose and direction. The members of this guild will be devoted to friendship, both in the deepening of current friendships and discovering new friends. We are in this together. What we accomplish, we will accomplish together.

    True friendship isn't simply virtual. We strongly believe that in order for us to truly be friends, we must know a little bit about each other. You are not permitted to stalk your guild mates, but you are encouraged to be friends with them beyond the boundaries of a video game.

    Morality- Mercs maintains a high standard of moral conduct. Therefore, members of Mercs will be morally respectable. Morality isn't just about avoiding things that are wrong. It is about embracing what is right. One of the staples of Mercs is the kind, generous, and respectful attitudes of our guild members. In becoming a member of this guild, you are required to act in a way that is morally reputable and contribute to our friendly atmosphere.

    Respect- If you have been in a guild before, you have likely experienced what happens when people have a lack of respect for others. Our guild will not survive or be successful without respectful members. If you are to become a member of Mercs, you will be expected to show caring respect for your guild mates and the guild leadership.

    When a member in the guild becomes disrespectful, offensive, vulgar, abusive, or insulting to another guild member, the guild leadership will take decisive action to solve the issue, even if it means removing someone from the guild. Please treat others the way that you desire to be treated! This also applies to the way you treat non-guild members in the game.

    Contribution- All members are highly encouraged to regularly check and post on our forums. The success of our guild will be directly linked with how much each guild member contributes. The simplest way to contribute to the guild is by sharing your thoughts on the guild forums, Ventrilo, and in guild chat. You can also help guild mates in the game with questing, crafting, or class advise. A few members might decide to contribute in a leadership role. Either way, contribution is vital for members of the Order.

    Mercs is not a guild for spectators. Check the forums and post new threads. Share your thoughts. Interact with your guild mates in guild chat and Ventrilo. We aren't looking for people who stand on the sidelines. This doesn't mean that introverted personalities won't feel comfortable in our guild, it simply means that the more active and contribute guild members we have in Mercs , the more enjoyable the games we play will be for all of us.

    How do you apply? Head to our website at http://www.mercs-clan.com/home and click "Join Us" or check out the info tab on the site to learn more about us.

    Feel free to PM me for additional questions or comments on the clan.
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