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    Stormshields - UK based - relaxed 21+ guild - Real Life first!

    Afternoon Peeps!

    After reviewing some of the recruitment pages on these fine forums, I found myself still searching for a guild that fitted my playstyle, namely -

    A mature and casual guild (21+ minimum age)

    A guild which lets members prioritise real life over gaming (trust me, being a dad and husband takes up plenty of my time!)

    UK based (to take into account time zones etc)

    A guild that revolves around having a laugh while playing and not one of rules and regs

    A mixture of both PvE & PvP & WvW (its nice to dabble)

    Coming off the back of one of the more successful guilds on SWTOR, I hope to bring the same atmosphere to GW2 so as to offer people of a similar playstyle, somewhere to chat (Vent/Teamspeak), play and have a laugh.

    If you feel the above would fit into your lifestyle, please feel free to fire me across an email to get an invite!

    Website is still undergoing some work - http://stormshields.enjin.com/

    Please feel free to pop by and have a look at us - If you are interested in joining, just hit the recruitment tab and follow the instructions!

    See you in game


    Website is now live and kicking.

    If you are a casual, mature gamer looking for a few more peeps to have a laugh in game with then come and take a look.........

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    Mumble is up since a while, site is almost done, still some work left, minor stuff nothing major.
    Still looking for some great people who want to have fun in a friendly atmospehere.
    We have also decided on a server, Gandara.

    This thread is officially reopened due to the changes in the rules.

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    Still looking for people who want to have a great time without any demands.
    We have quite alot of people playing since saturday already. :>

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