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    Quote Originally Posted by raspberry jam View Post
    Nice generator. I was highly suspicious when it led to a Polish site but it still looks legit.
    It could only profit by more avatar choices, or better yet, a custom avatar option!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raye Lestrange View Post
    For me it's not about the signature at all, I pay because I like to support things I like. Just like I throw money at ArenaNet when I can spare it. I throw some money at this site when I can spare it. The signature is just a nice perk as a result =D
    Same here. I tend to throw money at stuff I like, I call it voting with my wallet.

    I tend to resist throwing money at stuff that don't let me have fun unless I pay more. I don't have cable (I do buy seasons of shows I like), I don't pay subs (unless the game is really worth it, so far none), I don't buy into pay2win (with one exception, a game I still play often).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Rhonwyn View Post
    It could only profit by more avatar choices, or better yet, a custom avatar option!
    Speaking of that, in addition to a banner generator, an avatar pic (square shaped I mean so I could use it as avatar here on this board) generator would be cool.
    Of course I can just cut out the leftmost part of the banner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viti Ligo View Post

    That face is, in fact, the main reason I want to make a norn - there's no scars in human face options, sadly.
    it should tho, i have a character i always try to make but this one has a scar on the right eye, the eye is intact but you still see the scar.
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