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    Unknown-Warriors [NA] Casual Competitive 18+


    I am SoulReaper, Guild Leader of Unknown-Warriors, we are looking for some new blood so I thought I would hop back on the GWOnline forums and throw a line out there.

    We at UW are a 7 year old guild that I started a few days before GW1 started. We were a well known guild in GW1 for 3 years or so and since have developed into a group of long time friends that have played many games through the years together. Recently we have been playing D3, WoT, several of us are in the Mech Warrior Online beta which is pretty cool and a few other games to pass the time. All of these games will be on the back burner for a while as all focus will be on GW2 for... ever? lol. We even play Tabletop D&D on the weekends, fun stuff.

    I am gearing up for GW2 as of this week. We are seeking new members that are interested in playing all aspect of the game. We are competitive and will be participating in pvp but will not require you to do so. The main goal is to meet new people and have a good time with like minded people. Nearly all of us have jobs and don't wanna have a job when we get home so we game for fun. I'm not looking to make us the biggest guild out there but one with good quality people.

    All we require is for you to use teamspeak and make an account on our forum. We are all mature gamers that don't have time for immaturity (late nights with alchohol can get out there sometimes =P )

    If you are interested please don't hesitate to jump on teamspeak or our website.

    Guild Name: Unknown-Warriors

    Guild Website: www.unknown-warriors.com

    Game Server: Fort Aspenwood

    Teamspeak3 IP:

    Main Gaming Times: 6est - 2est weekdays, all times on weekend.

    Game Server: TBA

    Age: 18+

    p.s. I'm sure I missed something so will eidit later probably
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    We are on Fort Aspenwood, currently at 22 members and looking for a few more... boy has this game turned out to be amazing!!!

    You can contact me in game:

    Ishamael Rahvin

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