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    far shiverpeak

    the legendary alterans

    if only we had a form of rit, it would've fit so well >_<
    it's alive but cannot be living, it's dead but lives a mortal life.


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    The Mistfire Wolf skill looks great. Much better than I had hoped. I still wish the main in game item wasn't a skill though. Most likely there will be better skills in the game and then you probably won't use the deluxe ed. item much.

    Mini looks cool too. A shame it doesn't seem to brandish its sword though.

    If I had the Rytlock statue, I'd get a Roomba, put it on top of that and let it loose in my computer room like a real life mini-pet! lol

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    The mini-pet part was awesome. The wolf skill was OK.

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    i hope the elite is better than the demonstration cuz that looks like a terrible waste of the slot. nonetheless it does look very good

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    Dii, TRUE

    Dang, guys, lots of hate on the wolf I liked it.

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    It literally SHOOTS EXPLODING WOLVES. What more do you people need?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erring Ryft View Post
    It literally SHOOTS EXPLODING WOLVES. What more do you people need?!
    Apparently, some of us are holding out for wolves with frickin' lasers.

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    The wolf looks good. Won't be getting it but looks like a bit o' fun for those that do. But, crikey, I do enjoy that Rytlock mini vid! First it's epic! with the epic! music and epic! vista. Then it's confusing with the giant raven, but in an epic! way. With slow-mo! Then it's funny as I get the joke. The epic! kind of funny, with more slow-mo! I have a chuckle and think "Good one, Anet. You've done it again!"

    And then there's a dragon and my jaw drops...

    Magic stuff.

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