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    Do Boon Durations Work on Boons Given to Allies?

    Does the trait "Potent Elixirs" which "Increases elixir duration by 20%" also increase those elixirs tossed to allies?

    Also the trait line "Alchemy" gives points to boon duration, does that also include boons given by you to allies?


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    I assume they do, given the engineer's emphasis on using elixirs to help allies, but that is a good question.
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    Not sure about Potent Elixir since the thrown elixir is on the toolbelt so may get classed as a toolbelt skill rather than an elixir but I would have thought the boon duration would apply to any boons you cast either on yourself or on others. Still though might check this next stress test/on release.

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    The wiki classifies it as a toolbelt skill which is something I hadn't thought about. Since I probably won't build my speedy boon fairy at launch, I may have to wait a bit to find this out.

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