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    Duration Boons/Conditions for Prayer to Lyssa?

    I was curious to know if anyone has tested this?

    What conditions / boons are available and what are the durations for each

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    I can't say, as the skills that apply random boons & conditions share no durations as far as I can see: e.g. Signet of Inspiration from the Mesmer's list grants a boon every 10 seconds, so most of the durations are rather short. The Elementalist's Glyph of Elemental Harmony can grant boons "every 25 seconds" so the duration is slightly longer. Prayer to Lyssa has a 30 sec recharge, but should be slightly less powerful than a regular utility skill.
    We will have to test all those skills that apply random boons & conditions after the games gets released on the 28th to find their numbers.
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