Guild information

We currently have just over 50 members returning from our previous game who have confirmed their attendance for Guild Wars 2. Beyond that, we're opening recruitment for some more members to aid us in World vs World and allow us to form more structured PvP competitive teams.

We use Mumble as our primary method form of communication, with forums for everything else. You can visit our website at and our forums at

Brief overview

Condottieri is a hardcore PvP guild, we’re the guys who are serious about being at the top and we know what it takes to get there. We’re a tried and tested guild, starting out as a smaller core group of people we quickly expanded and dominated our previous games, learning valuable skills in organization, mechanic deconstruction, and of course teamwork. Over the years we've established a great core group of dedicated gamers, all competitive in nature and willing to put the time into being top tier players.

Our goals at Condottieri

Guild Wars 2 as a game does not put much of a demand on being competitive as a whole guild, compared to previous games where we might have been fighting as a guild against 4 or 5 other guilds, Guild Wars 2 has a focus on balance and does not put guilds into that situation where stakes are high. Instead it focuses on smaller teams within the guild being competitive and that’s where our main goal rests.

Building a community of highly skilled players who can push each other forward through continual feedback, constructive criticism and encouragement to bring multiple guild teams to PvP success and PvE renown. We want every Condottieri member to be proud of the guild tag they carry and represent us as a reflection of such. Beyond that, we want members to have fun and socialize – this is a game and that shouldn’t be hidden behind competition.

Ultimately we want to be a guild in Guild Wars 2 that people aspire towards and will put in effort to earn a place here.

Where to go from here?

I highly suggest reading our ethos for Guild Wars 2 available on our forums, you should also feel free to join our Mumble server and hang out in the public channels, so our members can get to know you. If you think that you are the type of player that we're looking for, and that you'd make a good addition to our team, then please go ahead and apply on our forums.

All the best,

- Lashen