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    Memento Vivere, Mystic Spiral

    You just need to finish the Befriending Quest, afterwards you can use the backdoor (So you can skip the mission and stuff)

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    Ok then, Elder Rhea told me I need 10k unspent faction, and I'm up to just over 8k now, so a few more runs around tonight (and whatever else they want me to do) and they'll let me in. Thanks for the advice ^^

    edit: I finished Cantha last night, thank you for the tips on the back door!
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    On a side note: I like the "wayfarer's mark" tokens, since my second account still needs the sweet title.

    Does anyone know, if the exchange NPC's will stay in game a while after August 30 ? On the contrary to festival NPC's, there is no info about this on wiki.

    I get most of the tokens in pre and want to get them out in time.
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