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    WARCRY | A Professional PvP/WvW Guild | Blackgate [NA]

    WEBSITE: www.TheWarcryGuild.com
    ABOUT US: www.thewarcryguild.com/aboutus
    ORGANIZATION: http://www.thewarcryguild.com/organization
    FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/groups/WarcryGuild
    VOICECHAT: Teamspeak 3 (Contact us for the information, if you are interested)

    * * * MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO JOIN * * *

    WarCry is a professional PvP, WvW, and End Game guild located on the BlackGate server. We have members from EST, CST, PST, and International locations. This is a guild for those players who are looking for a place to call home away from home. Our members support each other in quests, professions, and we guide those who may not have as much MMO experience as others. WarCry is more than just a guild, this is a group of people who believe in a "FAMILY-ORIENTED" environment. We are all Brothers and Sisters-in-Arms banding together to make this one of the most fun and exciting guilds ever established.

    Warcry was founded in 2002 by a group of like-minded veteran MMO players. With a lot of hardwork our leadership team came together and developed ways for recruiting other players who also share the same love for MMOs. One by one players from all over the United States, Canada, and international location flocked to us.

    The guild originally got its start in World of Warcraft on the Earthen Ring server, where we prospered for over 3 years. There, we were able to build up a strong member base and conquer most of our foes in the Battlegrounds, Arenas, and we were quite successful in running Raids on a weekly basis. From World of Warcraft, we then moved on to other MMO's such as Final Fantasy XI, AION, Final Fantasy XIV, and most recently TERA.

    Now, WarCry is rising from the ashes to make its return to the MMO world. We have always sought out all types of members whether they are experienced or not. Warcry was founded on the principles of Helping our fellow Players, member or not.

    Our mission is simple, to be the "Best in the World at what we do”. How do we do this? By speaking it into existence and proving it each and every day. Warcry is destined to be a top ranked guild. We have the necessary members that we can enforce our will in-game and we also have the attitudes of warriors. Whether it’s PvP, Raiding, or Social expansion, we are truly "Professionals”. Our guild only seeks players who have made a decision to be better than most. Our ranks will grow, our power will expand, and our voices will be heard.

    Recruitment in Warcry is "quality" over "quantity". Maturity, Loyalty, Activeness, and Dedication is what we look for. If you are not ready to support us in our goals, and if you are not willing to do your part to make the guild succeed, then WarCry is not the place for you.
    Warcry believes that everyone knows what is expected of them before they even sign-up. This guild DOES NOT support laziness. Warcry will only helps those who are willing to help us in return. This is a guild of Do'ers. We expect everyone who joins us to put forth an honest effort. Join us on the Teamspeak server we have available if you can. Why? Because this guild has a vision of doing great things and it will be hard to do those things if we have to constantly type in guild chat with each and every major announcement. All members are asked to be mature, responsible, and proactive.

    Promotions and Staff positions in WarCry are based on time in guild, contribution, dedication, and how much respect the rest of the guild has for you. Nothing in this guild is ever given away. You want a position, you're going to have to earn it.
    As staff positions become available, Leadership will post them up in the announcements section on the forums. To apply for a vacant position, fill out a "staff application" at in the Application tab.

    Leader: Soulgage
    Co-Leader: Dual Chainz
    Co-Leader: Kristos
    PvP Leader: Tytto
    WvW Leader: Ex Animatus

    • To make sure EVERY member is geared with the best armor and weapons.
    • To be known throughout lands by all players in the game.
    • Gain wealth in our Bank so that we can support members in getting Mounts, Gear, and Weapons.
    • To be completely rely on each other, not outside forces for anything, and be self-sufficient.
    • To reach End Game content and get everyone able to raid and experience the game in full

    • PvPvE – Raiding – End Game – Social Advancement
    • A friendly and family oriented environment
    • Maturity is a MUST
    • We joke, curse, and have fun
    • Support from all members to all members
    • A sense of belonging
    • No whining or being overdramatic
    • All members are ages 18 and up
    • ZERO TOLERANCE policy for all forms of discrimination
    • LGBT friendly

    • Active Teamspeak 3 server
    • Active member forums
    • Experienced and capable leaders and officers
    • Support with quests and character growth
    • Dedicated members
    • NO DRAMA

    If you're interested in becoming apart of our great guild and rising to new heights, visit our website to register. You can also contact a member of leadership in-game or reply to this thread.

    Soulgadge, Guild Leader

    Official seal of Warcry
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    3 more seats left vacant on the leadership council. If anyone is interested, please apply. Rules and About Us have been altered. Teamspeak is going well, please contact me for the infor to speak with us on TS.

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    Make Warcry your new home. If you want a guild thats about getting things done and done right, then look no further.

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