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    VitaeExMortis [Rise] WvW//Spvp//Pve ~~Mature Semi-Casual~FUN!

    "This Kingdom shall fall, and from the ashes shall arise a new order, that will shake the very foundations of the world."

    Guild Stats:

    Leaders: Dalatain, Imogen
    Recruitment Officer: Actzoltan.1072
    Website: http://vitaeexmortis.enjin.com
    Type: PvX
    Server: US - Dragonbrand
    Members: 57
    Time Zone: Est
    Voice Chat: Mumble
    Age: 18+ only

    Welcome to the home of Vitae Ex Mortis, which is Latin for life in death. Vitae Ex Mortis is a PvX guild on Dragonbrand, we strive to be a dominating and influential part of our server and its everlasting legacy. Vitae Ex Mortis is a casual guild with a hardcore mentality, we will laugh, we will fight, and we will win. In Vitae Ex Mortis we strongly believe that your only effective as your weakest link. Members opinions and votes matter, so we will hold elections for future officers, and who will hold the title of Guild Leader from those members of the council where events are discussed and voted on before implemented. friendships, fun, and victory will be our guild goals. Vitae Ex Mortis will have planned practices, events, elections, etc.

    Our roster is filled with mature, active and friendly members who will always be there to provide assistance in your time to need. We will never leave a question unanswered. If you take the plunge and join us your joining a family that will be there for you in-game and out of game. A family that will laugh with you, cry with you and bleed with you. On behalf of the Council of Vitae Ex Mortis (Dalatain, Imogine) we welcome you to our home, only through death can you truly learn and live!

    Guild Goals:

    • We want to form bonds of friendships, that last not only through GW2 but many games to come.
    • We want to be one of the most influential guilds on our server while providing a helpful, gaming community.
    • Solidify a strong alliance on our server
    • We strive to be the best at WvW
    • Quick accumulation of guild perks.
    • Compete for world/server first kills


    Be an active member.
    Follow guild structure and guidelines

    What We Offer:

    • Friendly, Experienced, knowledgeable leadership team.
    • Active, friendly, mature roster.
    • Mumble and Website with forums
    • Organized Events
    • Elections
    • Organized, structured WvW and PvP leader
    • Guild ranks with positions available.
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    Vitae Ex Mortis is looking to expand further to fill our rosters if you want to join please apply to the website or send a in game mail/pm to Recruitment officer: Actzoltan.1072

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