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    <Please Read> New Forum Rules: No Bumping for 7 Days

    You all are free to bump after 7 days of your last post now!

    I finished adjusting the closed threads. If I missed any, please PM me so that I can look into your case.

    Most of the basic rules are the same as the previous rules set by CMEPTb. The major differences are the duration of the bumps and the lack of pretty pictures the old rules had (I don't have the font to change 30/14 to 14/7).

    *I changed the rules about the video posts, so please read carefully

    1. No bumping for 7 days

    This is really important to ensure that all guilds have a chance to make an appeal to potential recruits without having their threads bumped to next pages in a few hours.

    Recreating a new thread for the same guild counts as a bump. It will be combined with your old thread and the guild will be penalized.

    A successive post made by another member of the same guild counts as a bump. Please have the update be edited by a member of previous posts, or PM me an update to be added into OP/last post.

    Important: Video posts are no longer exception to the bump rule. If you already have an embedded video in your previous/original post, please change it to a link so that you will be able to embed the new video.

    2. Penalty for early bumping is thread being closed for 14 days

    If I catch a guild bumping early, the thread will be closed for 14 days. And don't think about making a new thread, because that is also considered a bump. If I catch a guild or individual violating the bumping rules 3 times in 14 days, you will be banned for 2 days and your thread will be closed for 30 days total. Alliance and involved guilds are considered separate, and penalties do not carry over in either direction.

    If you want to update your closed thread, please PM me or any other moderator and we can update your post.

    3. Keep your titles and posts clean, use tags, and post in the right forum

    Recruits are more inclined to search for a guild if the title is kept simple and to the point. Likewise, it will be easier for recruits to know about the guild if all the updated information of the guild is organized in the first post. Use tags to indicate your guild orientation (e.g. PvX, WvW) to make searching easier for the potential recruits. Please also take care to post in the right forum; if you post your GW2 guild in GW1 forum, you won't attract anyone.

    Example title layout:
    PvX: Name of Guild [Tag] Server

    4. Recruit's inquiry post is not a bump, and reply to the recruit is not a bump

    The thread is bumped by the recruit's inquiry anyway, so a response to that post is not considered bump. If there are multiple inquiries between your last post, please combine your replies into one post.

    However, please don't use your threads for general chatting that has nothing to do with recruitment; that's what the General Discussion sticky is for.

    5. All GWOnline Rules Apply

    To cut it short, play nice and don't bite on other people.

    6. Edit your post

    You are allowed to edit your post without limit; use this feature to update your guild information. If you are unable to change something in your thread, feel free to PM me or other moderators and we can change that for you.

    Wall of Shame

    The guilds and individuals listed here are penalized until the date indicated. If your guild's penalty is expired and your thread is not reopened, PM me or another moderator to get it unlocked.



    If you see someone posting for a Guild/Alliance on this list, please report the post/thread.
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